Yeeesh Maweesh

Yeeeesh. Slow going here, kids. At least it’s pretty. Look at it. These pictures were brought to you with much losing the trail, slogging through deep wet snow, being rained on, pack frame breaking, inflatable pad deflating forever, holes generating in pockets for things to fall through, good tea, chia seeds from a friend, and wringing water out of dripping wet (warm) socks into the snows next to you. Did I mention finding the trail?

Oh, also wood stoves. Eventually.


So it goes. I’m hitching out today to find more food, because no starvation, no sadness, then headed back in. Also, the fourth picture down, with the snowshoe, is a waterfall gully. Pretty neat, huh? The last one is a nice bridge I walked across.


Most tiny. From the roof of the privy (aka toilets, ya landlubbers) below. You can also see a corner of the collapsed shelter with picnic table, on the bottom right in the picture below.


We’ll see how this goes. No promises, kids. Keep your socks warm and dry, and always eat lots of vegetables and spend time in nature.

More later, someday,



This was a walkway on the top of the bluff by the Matapedia shelter.
Here is a view from the sightseeing tower three pictures above. This was one of two trail options on the way to St. Andre de Restigouche. 



  1. Grampa Jay says:



  2. Freshground says:

    You go girl!!!


  3. Brad Erkkila says:

    Those are some breath taking pictures.


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