Greetings! There are many things that could be on this page, but the most important of them is this.


The rest of it is small beans.

But if we’re speaking of long-distance hiking trails and the International Appalachian Trail, here is the following:

Starting mid-summer, I took the Pinhoti Trail from Flagg Mt, AL (the southernmost mountain in the Appalachian chain), to the Benton Mackaye Trail, to the Appalachian Trail. After spending some months hiking northwards on the AT, doing science, and in all other ways being a nuisance in formerly respectable neighborhoods, we’ve passed the midpoint of the AT (and the IAT) in the US.

The plan is to halt this winter and do science for the universities, which will give me enough cash$$money to continue feeding my face.  Barring misfortune, large grizzly bears, running short on funds, debilitating injury, or any and all prohibitive acts of God, plan on the rest of the northern US through early 2018, then onwards into Canada this coming summer. I might sail across the ocean or something. Maybe hike in the Arctic circle. Possibly wander across the UK and the Scandinavian peninsula, then continue down through western Europe, across the Strait of Gibraltar, and into Morocco.

But really, there is no telling. You guys are great. Thanks for your continued support!

Sail Away

P.S. For more recent information, and more detailed maps on the IAT in North America, take a gander at this post.