Contact and support

Here’s a thank you to my wonderful donors.

The best way to support this hike is to use it to inspire you to do something small, daily, that makes you or your environment a little better. It can be as tiny as spending a few minutes appreciating the wee birds, or taking a moment to let energetic particles from our solar system’s biggest fusion reactor dissolve into your face.

(That’s the sun, wombats.)

Sunset over the Hudson River, in NY

I guess, take a moment every day to do what you can, with what you have.

In secondary support: send me messages about you!

I will read them. All of them. I probs will not reply. But know that I read everything that lands in my mailbox, usually while sitting on a mountain procrastinating on climbing it. Email me excellent procrastination messages via the form below.

This hike is associated with If you’re interested in supporting this trek financially, I strongly encourage you to check them out! 80% of your contribution will go towards much-needed research on treatment for mental illness, and 20% towards conserving wilderness trails: 



Thanks for existing!