10 Things To Do When You Are Hiking And The Sky Starts Dripping On You

Smallest brotherski and I have spent a lot of time recently contemplating the rain. You may or may not have heard of tropical storm Cindy. We had the great luck of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling Cindy while…

A Compendium of Exceedingly Tiny Things

Because I love you, my people, I have spent hours ruminating on how to bring more joy into your lives. On my phone, I have a small lens, ripped from the bowels of a hapless pet store laser pointer (may it rest in peace). With this lens, I am able to take pictures of exceedinglyContinue reading “A Compendium of Exceedingly Tiny Things”

Glorious Beginnings

Greetings and salutations, my people. Here is a stock photo that came with my first post text. I like it, so I have kept it. How wondrous. John (smallest broski) and I have just finished hiking our first 100 miles, and so now I am blogging about it. There are many things, but in theContinue reading “Glorious Beginnings”