400+ miles in, and getting started on the Appalachian Trail

Greetings! It has been two weeks, and those weeks were full of many things. Mostly berry-eating, but also five bears, three slow-blinking turtles (One was eating a mushroom. It froze. We froze. It stared at us. We stared at it for two minutes, until our short attention spans overwhelmed us and we ran off chasingContinue reading “400+ miles in, and getting started on the Appalachian Trail”

Going Slow, Like a Bacon.

I will tell you a thing, my peoples, and it is that I am a glorious font of patient forbearance. Always. Ok calm down. Now you can stop laughing alright. But here I will tell you another thing… It is that we are not hiking on the trail right now. This may be evident fromContinue reading “Going Slow, Like a Bacon.”