Finishing up in boatland

Hey, humans! I’ve been quite busy. Turns out when global pandemics destroy your minor plans, there’s not much else to do but quietly despair for a moment or five and then! FOR PLOTTING! Some intrepid characters have been inquiring about the new adventures I’m embarking on. New adventures? NEW adventures? First of all, best beloveds,Continue reading “Finishing up in boatland”

Going Winter Hiking?

Alright, nerds. 

Winter is settling in; and with the shortening days it can be easy to fall into a slump. If you’re like me, and houses kill your soul a little bit, but you’re stuck because it’s freezing cold outside (and sometimes inside, too)… Here is a wee multiple-part series describing how I do wintering outside. This first part covers pre-trail preparation, clothing and footwear.