400+ miles in, and getting started on the Appalachian Trail

Greetings! It has been two weeks, and those weeks were full of many things. Mostly berry-eating, but also five bears, three slow-blinking turtles (One was eating a mushroom. It froze. We froze. It stared at us. We stared at it for two minutes, until our short attention spans overwhelmed us and we ran off chasingContinue reading “400+ miles in, and getting started on the Appalachian Trail”

Going Slow, Like a Bacon.

I will tell you a thing, my peoples, and it is that I am a glorious font of patient forbearance. Always. Ok calm down. Now you can stop laughing alright. But here I will tell you another thing… It is that we are not hiking on the trail right now. This may be evident fromContinue reading “Going Slow, Like a Bacon.”

10 Things To Do When You Are Hiking And The Sky Starts Dripping On You

Smallest brotherski and I have spent a lot of time recently contemplating the rain. You may or may not have heard of tropical storm Cindy. We had the great luck of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling Cindy while…