Atkins, VA, for lunch? I think yes.

I guess that would put me at around 950 miles along, whenever I get there. Guys, fall is the best season. The best. I picked up my winter sleeping bag in Marion yesterday; better warm than sorry, I suppose. It is so fluffy, an old Big Agnes ultralight that I got off eBay for aContinue reading “Atkins, VA, for lunch? I think yes.”

Another Day in the Neighborhood

I suppose it is a holiday, but out here it’s just another day among the trees, albeit a slow one and with more errant hikers. Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and hiking, I have elected to spend the morning reading interesting books about science (SCIENCE!!), drinking tea, and writing to you.Continue reading “Another Day in the Neighborhood”

Appalachian Trail Reflections

Well, the AT has stuck its claws into me, pure and simple. (Literally, in the case of overgrown paths and nettles, here on the TN-NC border…) But I always get my revenge. Here is a picture of garlic and butter rice with nettles* and buffalo tuna. Take that, stabby foliage. I saute and devour you.Continue reading “Appalachian Trail Reflections”

Though I’ve hiked around 850 miles by now, this is not an update.

[The cake is a lie.] My dear peoples, I have loads and loads to tell you, all scrawled across my ragged blue notebook paper. I wrote it for you in my tent, in the wilderness. Alas, I am comfortably ensconced in this fluffy bed; and since I made tortilla soup for many people from myContinue reading “Though I’ve hiked around 850 miles by now, this is not an update.”