Fine, very well

Hey hey, dearest readers. Precious to my soul.

You’re in luck. There’s ice everywhere, and I’ve been sitting here for days…. So now it’s time for an update.


We’ll do this in chronological order. Using bullet points; we all love bullet points. Simple. Efficient. Glorious. To wit:

  • June 2022. Started north from COVID exile. There are lots of reasons that I didn’t go north earlier, among them being: lingering death and destruction; not running out on existing job contracts; I had other important stuff to do; and bacon.
  • July 30th, or whatever. Made it into Prince Edward Island.
    • PEI is like an English garden
    • Don’t worry about my bald eagle pictures; they are not your concern. But, everyone, please note that my cousin Sara is an enabler.
    • Met loads of beautiful people. And YOU MUST MEET the neatest one, below. We were both shuffling along, thinking our own thoughts… when, around the bend, another bedraggled figure came into view. Our respective “fellow long distance walker” radars went off, simultaneously, and when we got close enough to talk, I got to meet Josie. She was circumnavigating the island, if I recall, and hikes all over. Such an interesting and cool personage.
    • Someday I too will be as awesome as Josie.
  • Fall 2022. Walked into Nova Scotia.
  • More Fall 2022. Won Nova Scotia, despite hurricane.
    • Met more beautiful people
    • Got to attend incredible performances and listen to great music in the Celtic Colors festival, which goes on every year! Special mention goes to the Frolic and Folk Pub, and the good humans of Iona.
Location, location.
  • Fall- November 12, 2022. Took the ferry. Walked up through to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. BOG
    • BOG
    • bog
    • very good BOG
  • Thanksgiving. Christmas. Vacay, vacay in the world of warmth and running water and family yay
  • Jan-March, 2023. Intimidated by the darkness further north, I cowered in the middle of the Maine mountains, waiting for it to become less dark all the time. Also, money. Worked for Mahoosuc Guide Service, who take folks out on dog sled trips, and take excellent care of their dogs. It’s worth noting that they have twice as much outdoor experience as the number of years I’ve been alive.
    • More.
    • Intimidating.
What good doggies.
  • March 2023. Went back up to Corner Brook, NL.

Been hiking, since.


  1. Don Hudson says:

    An excellent adventure! Have you seen Paul Wylezol and Annie Wentzell in NFLD?


    1. Sail Away says:

      Paul I believe I’ve met once or twice. I may vaguely recognize his face.

      Annie, though – Never met her in my life, though other people say they have. I consider it quite possible that she doesn’t actually exist.


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