You Orthorhombic Pangolins

Hey. Well met, I say.

It’s me again, your favorite not-in-the-neighborhood ne’er-do-well who does Lord-knows-what while being who-knows-where, and the only thing we all understand is that there is probably food involved because otherwise, dear reader, we would starve.


Umm… where was I, the last time I wrote you?


RIGHT. I was in Greenland, having gone to help with kite-sled, despite aforementioned disappointing surgery! GUESS who found the IAT in Greenland, guess, guess

Me. It was yours truly. Yup. Right there, across the water-y way… wait, I told you this already.

I forgot

Anyways. After returning from Greenland, I started north from the NYC area. First, there were some ships. Then, another ship (yes be boggled who would have guessed, I know). Also, some plastic farm animals lurking in the secret depths of the boat that’s on the Canadian dime, whatever its name is? some fishing hack.

I forget


FINALLY, there was the IAT in Canada, which can be characterized precisely by the following picture series.



Not that one. Excuse me. I have no idea how that got there. This series:

A farmhouse, on trail in PEI

That is a duck, ladies and gentlefolk. Please note that it sat there long enough for me to notice it; and it continued to sit there, peacefully observing the world, through my bemused squinting; my incredulous staring; and, perforce, my clumsy fumbling with my magical technology space box. I apologize for the semicolons.

In other news, did you know that the libraries in Nova Scotia are all on one system, except for Halifax? You can borrow a book at any branch, then return it at the next one. Incredible, I say.

Incredible. This is Umbagog Lake, in Maine.

More, eventually, maybe, once I get my brain sorted. In the meantime, have these photos, in no particular order, from PEI, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

I love tree

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