Howdy from the mountains

Some music for blog-reading background

Hey, buds.

Look at this bug I found.


It was growing in this:

My primary concern, out here doing COVID response in the sticks, is that no one here will eat the things I find outside. Where do you think your food comes from, ya podgkins

a magical container box thing

how unimaginative. ….Regardless. I could not convince a single one of my team to eat one of these larvae; and I tried very hard. Guess we’ll never know what they taste like. Whose fault is that, I ask ya?

Look at those numbers. I appreciate experiencing this winter with centralized heating.

So we’ve got some glamorous stuff, and some stuff that I’m very impatient about. I. Am. Good. At. Waiting.

(Look at this cute macro lens I stuck on my phone to take pictures.)

Gathering equipment for the polar expedition has started. Here are a couple dates:

Feb 23rd, my current work contract ends.

March- April, mumble something something plotting for science mumble mumble.

In late April, the hope is to fly over to Greenland from Copenhagen, and the kite-sled team will assemble. Mostly Spaniards, a Venezuelan, and me.

May, if all goes according to current plan, we’ll be zooming across the ice, doing science, testing sled capabilities. Polar exploration? And whatever else a human does in the Arctic. Be cold?

Take poops.

Please do admire this largest sycamore.

After that?

Weellllll…. probably Canadian provinces will have re-opened after reopening from their last closing, and I do fancy a stroll. Perhaps I can also transform into A GIGANTIC BALD EAGLE.

Don’t fall in, be good.


  1. Hey, Anne, Thx for posting. Good luck to ye! I’m headed off to Cairo Thursday to visit my son and three little granddaughters for, don’t know, have a one way ticket. No walk in the park there; however. Sending love. Nancy, your ol’ IAT roommate

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  2. qdonleavy says:

    Really like your quirky and creative updates!


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