Rangeley, ME

Located halfway between the equator and the North Pole!

Best humans,

Here we are. You: reading this.

Wee laken

Me, sitting in my car. Moments away from driving back to mundane life boats, where I’m under contract to work until October 8th.

I got off work at noon yesterday, then traipsed back home for food (and boaty companionship)… Then, driven by who knows what, I drove to Rangeley.

Hard at work, or hardly working?

Too late for the town’s trail festival, which ended mere hours before I arrived. Mere hours. There was a talk by Warren Doyle. Warren Doyle. That dude is so cool.


But alas. Instead, we get there later. We sleep in undisclosed locations, go to church in the morning, eat BURRITOS

and type to you. Happy Sunday, womble people. Don’t forget to wash your clothing and maybe put some nice plant reproductive organs in a vase or something.

Mushrooms, chicken people.

Of course I meant mushrooms.

Anyway, I’m free to be a roustabout on October 8th, and the borders are open. Be horrified. Be very scared. Not illogically scared, though; a healthy dose of fear is very good for all of us, and quite useful inasmuch as it gives valuable input for decisionmaking and preparation.

I’ve got my -20F winter bag with layers to bring it down to much colder; shelter; and a 10-serving can of freeze dried scrambled egg with sausages! BREAKFAST. Be excited. I am. Seeing as the COVID scourge continues unabated, I’m planning to stay more outside when in towns, and find those handy dandy COVID tests, for non-plague spreading feeling-better-about-myself-ness.

You know. Aha also this is a great candidate for mail drops.

MA ‘n fam



Happy Sunday, banana people! mebbe see you someday.

photo credit: Noah, some rocket scientist former passenger on our boat who works for NASA JPL. so awesome


  1. Nancy Hathaway says:

    Anne. If you’d like to visit I have a work exchange going on shingling a shed which is really not a shed but something totally sweet. Email me if you or others are interested. Wishing best NH

    Liked by 1 person

  2. blueskysailor says:

    Of course you know that mushrooms aren’t plants. And I’m sure your readers are very intelligent people. So I’m typing this this for no particular reason, which is reason enough.


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