Sitting in the northeastern US, like a small grey pebble.

Here I am. Very small. Mossy.

There you are. No pictures; so I will make a picture with words.


I am sitting cross-legged on this blue couch, and wearing a sandy brown Goodwill sweater. It has cabling along the neckline, and a tag on the back: “Handmade by Grandma.” It feels like warmth and thrifted love. My friend found it on the resale rack, and said “This will fit you!” Who am I to turn down snuggly warmth?

It will be a while before Canada lets anyone in, to keep hiking. I have been thinking about this since March 2020. “No matter,” say tiny thoughts. “In the meantime, we are going to the Arctic.” Whaaaaattt, the Arctic?!?? cries another part of me, all befuddled and confused.

“No matter,” say tiny thoughts. I will sit here and be still a rock.

Part of what I am doing is here:

I have just edited it, a bit, but it may be nonsensical because I am inside my Goodwill sweater, and am very tired. I am sorry it’s a gofundme, but I will not make a separate information page. Extra web pages are high-maintenance. I am working on a boat.

Hence the sweater. Very exciting.

May April’s turn into May be auspicious for all of y’all, peace out scouts,


P.S. If you would like to contribute to the educations, but wish to bypass Gofundme’s fundraising fee, you can find my paypal link HERE. Any extra $$$ that isn’t devoured by Arctic expedition expenses will be donated towards education. Possibly I will also feed some teachers some pizza, with the dregs. Heaven knows they all need it

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