COVID-19 update

Hey, good people,

I’m sure you’re all keeping abreast of the COVID situation.

The US-Canadian border is currently closed to non-essential travel. In addition, with protocols still in flux, vagranting between small Canadian towns involves posing as a tiny but potentially deadly germ. In light of that, I will be postponing this hike until trail/travel conditions become more favorable, with this break lasting several months, or potentially until next year.

In consolation, here is a piece that I composed off the top of my head for you, while I was stealing sweet Steinways. Listen as it speaks of joyousness and flowing like bubbling spring waters:

Stay well, and don’t forget to get green things and art all up in your life, especially in this time of chaos. Such opportunity for restructuring and constructive work. Good luck with the challenges you face.

Keep being the best humans you are, or at least as close as we all can get it,



  1. Amber Nuite says:

    Anneover! Is what I just accidentally called you when I was telling Freeland who is playing piano on the recording. Beautiful pianoing. Today is Freeland’s birthday. Thank you for the music!

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  2. Crispin says:

    I really enjoyed the piano music in my lock down lounge.

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