A February Thing

Howdy, my peeps.

This is just a quick note to all of you, in appreciation for your continued existence and support. Thank you to all of y’all. To the two monthly donors, I hoard your contributions for much deliciousness on trail; and to others, know that I use your things like mittens and warm clothes and gear, and moral support, with continual delight.

I really hope y’all had a wonderful Valentines day, whether you are around friends or family or special humans. This very morning, in space, the moon passed between us and Mars. It was very exciting for everyone, I am sure. If you want many science things about earth, and space, my scientist self occasionally goes in the morning to read the best things on here: https://earthsky.org/.

Any plans for what you’ll do with the extra February day this year? I plan on eating.



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