Environmental shindigs

On a more serious note, as a scientist, a Texan, and an outdoorswoman-

I know our current administration is doing many things. Here’s another one I would like to bring to your attention, regarding data deletions and accurate information.

Our federal government funds a large amount of scientific research, and not all of that research fits into the sad, sad glove of climate change denial. Because this poses the problem of credibility for our current administration, vast swathes of data are disappearing into the abyss.

If you wanted details, here’s an article written by an Arctic researcher, which sums things up better than grumpy ole Sail would, lying in her leaky bivvy:

Click here for “Donald Trump is deleting my citations”

There’s not much I can do about it on my end, other than make vague and mild observations about governments that destroy legacies for short-term gain, let’s see how much we as a society really care about our children, now and in the coming decades. The amount of effort we’ve spent convincing each other that our weather patterns aren’t changing because we want to save money now is deadly.

I wanted to show you that article, because it relates to everything I do on this walk.

Yeesh maweesh, folks.

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