Huzzah vacay in the Green Mountains

Hey y’all,

Just a quick update on where things are at. I’ve mashed my noggin full of books and things, gotten my maps, washed my socks, recharged all my batteries, and did many switches. Now I have moved from insulated winter boots back to good ole sandals. Also made some cinnamon rolls from scratch, and patted small niece on the head. All I’ve ever dreamed of, right here right now.

My sister and brother-in-law*

*henceforth to be referred to, in print and conversation, as whatever-sister’s-name-is and bil

planned their nice family getaway up in the Green Mountains this Memorial Day weekend, so I am using them for transportation and will ramble around up there, before heading back up to Canada.

There’s an entire array of trails up to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec; but like any dingus who finds herself in Vermont without a car and needs to go north, I have ruminated on my problems and determined that the most excellent way to get to where I need to be is 1) Take the train to somewhere northwards, and then 2) walk into Canada. Again. Yahahahay awww man.

See ya on the flip side, kids.

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  1. nimblewill says:

    Great to receive this from you, Sail. Your excitement, energy, and joyful enthusiasm comes directly through to me! All the best as you continue your trek north. Quebec is beautiful… Nimblewill



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