Some music.


While I was doing environmental science for a week this spring, I pretended to be a student and got into the university’s music school to play on their Steinways. (Don’t do that, kids.)

I only have the cell video for this piece- the higher quality audio is on a flash drive in the US. It’s an improv piece, won’t ever be played the same. But the theme was found when I was hiking through New Brunswick, this past December, while staying at Helen and Doug Edgar’s. It has the memory of good foods, warmth and sunshine, and wooden floors, and a beautiful cello, leaning against the corner. Also, very much delight.

Here’s a picture of some of the people I’ve met, and a tiny piece of the trail, in music version.


  1. Humppakarajat says:

    Really nice! Well done!


  2. blueskysailor says:



  3. Amber Nuite says:

    Anners I have a new goal of getting a piano in my house for you to play.


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