Grumble grump off vacation grump


I know it’s smart to not be up north right now.

  1. It is warm down here.
  2. I get to see family.
  3. Friends, huzzah! Errybody loves a good friendship. Especially one that can now involve coffee, because you’re, you know…. around to drink coffee with…
  4. I just googled the current temperature on top of Mont Jaques-Cartier, and it’s -15C. I don’t want to walk in that currently, though I probably will be down for it in a month, or something.
  5. Instead of freezing my face off, I get to work for several weeks; because my savings are low and it makes sense to stop. and work more.
  6. But I really, really, really want to be gone. Like, as in, you can see a rhino off in the distance kinda scuffing up the ground to charge (because I imagine that’s what rhinos do when they’re mad, I dunno; never seen a rhino). And then you look over at your Land Rover and are all, self, I gotta get outta here, and then there you are, staring at your escape route, while over next to you there’s Sam in his khaki hat and knobbly white knees (really great guy, Sam) and he says, “Ur… yep, that rhinoceros looks pretty aggressive, and we’re standing pretty close. Let’s get out of here, eh.” And then you look at the nice car, and you look at Sam and his lovely khaki hat, and then you take off towards the rhino. Jeepers.

All I’m saying, guys, all I’m saying is that this is ridiculous. And I’m going to go work, and find friends, and spend quality time with people because it’s great. It’s great being human. And it makes so much sense to sit here, and be normal, and there are many, many reasons to do so. Mostly, I have a really great chance to do science, and get money in the bank which I need, and deepen relationships (heh.) or whatever.


But I cannot express to you how much that rhino is calling. Also I’m really good at metaphors.

Happy trailing, go outside and freeze for me because I’m trapped inside, my soul is dying, arrrrgh



  1. David Ballard says:

    Sometimes when we see our heart’s desire in the distance but struggle to get there it makes it ever sweeter when we do!


  2. Magoo says:

    Gotta watch out for those rhinos.


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