Ohhh Canada

Dear Hooligans,

Canada is great. At first, I was expecting the igloos to be very cold; but as it turns out, the Canadians have a good thing going up here. Who knew ice houses could be so warm?? They even have grocery stores – and no need for refrigeration units! Wow.

Apparently, hot summers and climate change are greatly feared here. Entire town could be made homeless in a single too-warm day. (Think like Frosty the Snowman, except on a tragic, SimCity scale.)

I am sitting with two Canadians, at lunch. These ones speak English. They wish it to be made clear that they also speak French. While I have been twiddling my thumbs and growing blisters on the back of my heels in the freezing temperatures, they have been fiddling around elsewhere… Knitting, and other predominantly Canadian activities, like playing hockey, snow shoeing, saying, “Eh,” talking about the world pond hockey championships that take place in Plaster Rock in February, etc.

Speaking of fiddles, I am currently staying with a wonderful couple: a luthier and a musician (only two of the many hats they wear). Doug’s violins are beautiful, and Helen has patiently run me through some fiddle accompaniment. Last night, I think we played two jigs, a reel, a waltz, a couple Celtic tunes, and a little Christmas music. I struggle with rhythm; still working on hearing the chords when the music changes, but she is a wonderful teacher.

Worry less, humans, and keep well this December. I’ll give you a few more things I wrote in the cold here when I get my frosted fingertips to a keyboard, and don’t have to swipe madly at my phone.

Would you believe, they’ve got wood stoves all up in these igloos, that’s ridiculous,


P.S. here’s some pics for your faces! There’s even electricity in Canada you know, for my phone camera! Crazy with all that frozen wiring.


  1. Bill Duffy says:

    So the answer to the questions everyone wants to know; Snowshoes or Skis?


    1. Sail Away says:

      A pair of 125 cm Altai Hoks that Don lent me- they’re Mongolian inspired ski- shoes, I suppose. Really great on the flats here in New Brunswick… I’ll let y’all know how they do in the mountains 😂.


  2. Tae H Kim says:

    Its good to see your still out there and still having fun.
    Happy Trails

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  3. Grampa Jay says:

    We had 10 inches of snow 4 days ago in Lubbock. Today it is almost all gone. That is how snow should behave. Much better than when I was a kid in Iowa. To each his (or her) own.
    Grampa Jay

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