So Totally Not Tiny

Sometimes, I find things that are not so wee. Like VAST, GLORIOUS SHRUBBERIES. HOW CAN ONE NOT STAND NEAR THESE SHRUBBERIES AND BE ASTOUNDED. Here: for you, I have encapsulated these shrubberies in smaller, digital, digestible format, that you may also live vicariously through the interwebs and wonder at their greatness.

Happy shrubbing.

This tiny wonkin was on the Pinhoti Trail. Yes. Very cute. It is a tulip poplar. There are few like it. This one is nice.

Here are some also cute, from another poplar (now only a shell of its former self). May it rest in pieces.

You may click on it,  to see it more clearly. 10/10. Would recommend taking that 0.6 mile side trail – totally worth it.

Finally,  take a gander at this guy.

HERE. Our most recent shrubbery. It is only an oak tree. 18 feet around. With a cow.

If you are in the habit of seeking out old growth forest, and you are in the south or would like to journey there… I was told that the Benton Mackaye Trail through Great Smoky Mountains NP is full of wonderful old trees. Unfortunately, it was too late for me and I was already on the AT, which has trees that are far younger than on the BMT sections of the park. Alas. I suppose one can make do with these… *sigh*…

BUT IF YOU DO GO THROUGH, send me pictures. That is all.



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