Though I’ve hiked around 850 miles by now, this is not an update.

[The cake is a lie.]

My dear peoples,

I have loads and loads to tell you, all scrawled across my ragged blue notebook paper. I wrote it for you in my tent, in the wilderness.

Alas, I am comfortably ensconced in this fluffy bed; and since I made tortilla soup for many people from my tortilla soup stores, this evening, I no longer have 3 or 4 days of dinners*, but only a single one, which means that I have motivation to hike longer mileage, or I shall not have dinner on Sunday night. This means I should sleep….

So hold your horses, my people. [Especially you, fam and friends. You know who you are. You actually have horses.] I will try to update on Monday, and will also batten down the hatches and see if I can write to you when Irma is blowing through.

In the meantime, happy trails! Take care of yourselves and each other. I will keep eating random foliage and plotting more stories to tell. Peace out, my scouts.


*There were 4 other people, but they were not thru hikers, so they had not the gnawing hiker hunger. My soup mix would have sufficed for me for three days, ish. As it was, I cannot help but do potlucks in life, so the soup was good for five of us for one dinner, and we all ate everything we wanted and had fresh sourdough and a couple sandwiches that we all split. I had seven wee bowls of soup. It was quite grand. The bread was delicious.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Hello Sail Away…please let me know if you get this. I’m interested in reading about your IAT trip. Like to know where you are writing from and where you are headed. Thx. Nancy


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