Going Slow, Like a Bacon.

Let it be known that it was still raining at this point.

I will tell you a thing, my peoples, and it is that I am a glorious font of patient forbearance.


Ok calm down. Now you can stop laughing alright. But here I will tell you another thing… It is that we are not hiking on the trail right now. This may be evident from the fact that I am posting on le bloggen. If we are to be totally honest, meine Lieben, there is a small part of my soul that is shifting restlessly upon its well-showered seat. “Scuse me, hello, we go now please, hum yes scuse me we go?”

Be still, small soul. Some things do not need to hurry to be finished at the right time.

I have to say this a lot, right now, because that same part of me knows that large things are made up of very small parts, AND IF ALL THE SMALL PARTS TAKE A VERY LONG TIME then the large thing will take FOREVER. Especially if it is very large.

Be still, small soul. You are young, and some things should not be done too fast.

And so I sit here, and get to spend time with friends whom I have not seen in years, and walk for a few good weeks with the smallest brother, who is getting an education of the outdoors and travelling type, and at the same time gaining camping knowledge (he had not done any of the camping, before!) and he will go home with GREAT endurance for the doing of the martial arts I am sure. Good things all around. BUT WE HAVE ONLY HIKED 35 MILES INTO GEORGIA, AND IT IS ALREADY JULY 4TH.

Be still, small soul. Where you are is excellent, so calm your face, alright?

I will sleep now, and tomorrow is Independence Day. This evening was spent researching ants like a nerd (Dear reader, it was for you. You may soon see), eating tacos and drinking bubble tea with smallest broski and frond (she is the bomb diggety). We will have another zero day tomorrow, of friends and brunches and independence and lounging about, quite often indoors… and then again we shall hit the dusty trails, with sticks and our shoe soles and rocks and other glorious things! HUZZAH. Life is truly full of blessings. At around 220 miles into the Pinhoti, we are out of Alabama, into Georgia, and over halfway to Springer Mountain, where Smallest Broski will depart (alas)!

Be still, small soul.

Let it be known that it was still raining at this point.
For you, I have picked my most tranquil picture. Here is the sun peeking through the trees on the Pinhoti Trail, near Dugger Mountain in Alabama. Let it be known that it was still raining.

Also, my people, if anything else, I will tell you this:

Your existence here- I am glad of it. Please continue to send me letters and emails, or comment with small notes, even if you do not get to do so very often. I appreciate all of it. And continue to think of coming to join me, if you want. (It shall be quite grand.)

I look forward to it.

-Sail Away

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  1. Lauren Lutz says:

    “Large things are made up of very small parts, AND IF ALL THE SMALL PARTS TAKE A VERY LONG TIME then the large thing will take FOREVER. Especially if it is very large.”

    Getting this tattooed on my lower back sometime soon.

    ❤ Lauren


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