What Ho, The Appalachian Trail?

I am hiking like a very small bagel.


An Open Letter to My Mother

Dearest Ma, I hope this letter finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for lending me the smallest brotherski for these past several weeks. It was very nice while it was around. Unfortunately, however, I appear to have lost it. Tragically. It was somewhere in section 29 of the Pinhoti Trail. On a…

Let it be known that it was still raining at this point.

Going Slow, Like a Bacon.

I will tell you a thing, my peoples, and it is that I am a glorious font of patient forbearance. Always. Ok calm down. Now you can stop laughing alright. But here I will tell you another thing… It is that we are not hiking on the trail right now. This may be evident from…