I have constructed an opinion poll in my head.

So… wearing hiking boots kills my soul. I have known this for years. Upon leaving for this trip, I thought to myself, Self, is now the first time you start wearing hiking boots?

No. That answer is no. Having existed as close to barefoot as possible in my life, how could I change (and exist in awful misery) for such an endeavor as this?

So without further ado, and knowing that I shall give the person with the best guess a plate of cookies the next time our paths cross (it’s a small world, ok) I have a question for your souls [soles. haha. ha. Ok sorry]… How long will my current trail shoes last?


a) Those are not trail shoes
b) 0-100 miles
c) 100- 250 miles
d) less than 500 miles
e) 1026 miles
e) As long as you have socks to put in them
g) _________ miles

P.S. The soles are soft rubber, and I’ve had them a bit before starting, but I’m only counting trail miles. Hint: if you guessed less than 100 miles, you’re already wrong.

Leave your opinion in the comments below!


  1. Araceli says:

    A and C (if you take enough duck tape) haha

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    1. Sail Away says:

      I think both you and Garrett know me too well. You are very correct about the duck tape. He is possibly right about me pushing things too far :p


  2. garrett g says:

    Ditto Araceli, but I am going to say A and E because I suspect your indomitable will shall push these shoes far beyond what mere mortals would deign a healthy life span. 😜

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  3. nimblewill says:

    Get yourself a pair of Oboz. They’re lightweight, comfortable–and incredibly durable. I routinely get 1,000+ miles out of a pair. They’re one of my steadfast sponsors–great folks!

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  4. Richard Anderson says:

    Sounds like you are having fun Sail Away!!!!!!!! Keep up the great blogs!!!!! Dick Anderson


  5. Grampa Jay says:

    I have to go with e – 1026 miles, because I like to be right. And I think you will replenish your supply of duck tape. (I always thought it was duct tape, to cover leaks in air ducts. Live and learn.)


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