Only occasionally small mallets

It spins about softly in my hands, and I grasp it firmly- just so- as the clouds wring themselves dry through the clear windowpane.

Sometimes it is hard to see the shape of a thing at first, and so you wait, all quiet, to see what it should become.

Sometimes you must knock small bits off with a mallet, first. That is so.

Sometimes your dreams are so clear (they spin about softly in your hands!) that you can hold them, and then there is little to do but dance exuberantly, and be careful-quiet, and then sometimes if things are right they can help shape you into who you are to become.

They are easy to break, or drop. Everyone knows another person with a gigantic hammer. HUZZAH. But sometimes dreams are nice to keep, I think.

I like these dreams. They came with the house. Let us keep them, and only occasionally use small mallets.

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